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What is our customer said when they use our service to take go around Bali or have Tour in Bali island with our service, You can read here !

Dear: Driversbali.com
November 15-17, 2013

We arrived back S’pore safely. We would like to thank Wayan Kabdi for driving us around, buying us snacks & taking care of each & every request we did on the way.

Thank you Mr. Ketut Maryana for give me good Comfortable transportation during our holiday in Bali

Many Thanks
Wai Wai from Myanmar

Bali, Nov 7th- 10th 2013
Dear: Ketut Maryana

Ketut Selamat tinggal Bali, First & foremost we the three of us wish to thank you Ketut for the knelled hospitality and the kind service that you have severed upon us. We certainly hope what we can see more places, but due to time, we have to stay within the period as stated by Lala agent in Malaysia. Thank you ketut, we will come back “insyallah” when right time comes with all my family.

Thank you once again and may God bless all of us here and hereafter.

dr.Faizah abd Rahim

Bali, May 7th – 11th 2013
Dear: Ketut Maryana

A very big thank you for being our driver during the 5 days tour in Bali. We had a wonderful time visiting many beautiful places in Bali. Despite the road being narrow and packed with cars, you are very focused and cautious in driving. We also really appreciate your effort to accomodate our packed itinerary in each day, and recommending the sequence of places to visit so as to catch the highlights. Your vehicles are also spacious and comfortable, and price is very good too!!! So when we come back again, we will find you. Take care and good health to you!

See Wei Wen & Family

Bali, April 1st – 4th 2013
Dear: Ketut Maryana

Ketut you are awesome, Friendly, Flexible, a accommodating for our large family group. What more could we ask for, you have made our trip to Bali very smoothly moving between all of our different location and activities and good value for money.

Brisbane Australia

Bali, 26 – 31 October 2012
Hi Mr. Katut Maryana,

Until now, I’ve just have a spare time to thank you for your service in Bali since we’d come back Vietnam.

By this email, I’d like to express my great appreciation for your hardworking, carefulness and right-time for our group.
Even though it wasn’t the first time I visit Bali, but your guidance was useful and valuable for me. Five-day traveling with you and your driver is good memorable time of me and my friends. On behalf of the team, I wish all best wishes to you and your family members in the X-max and Happy new coming year! Good successful and prestigious for your company!”

Trân trọng,
With best regards,

Mr. Nguyen Huy Khanh

Bali, 27 – 29 July 2012
Hello Ketut Maryana,

I would like to thank him for his good service bringing us around during our 3 days trip in Bali. He explained the beauty of Bali whenever he drives us around and we learnt a lot of things from him. He gives us suggestions on which place to go first and what is available in the place. He is a knowledgeable guy and we all enjoyed his company and guidance while we were in Bali. His driving skills are very safe and he is quite an alert guy although he need to drive us for more than 2 hours journey. I will highly recommend him to my friends who want to go Bali.

Thanks, Maryana for being our guide! Hope we meet again!

Chong Pui Fern and Xu Cai Xia

Bali, December 15th, 2011
Dear: Ketut Maryana and Made Murya (guide)

This is the first chance I have had to email since our return to Australia.

Thankyou for the arrangements you made for us on the 1st December.

The Guide was very knowledgeable, informing us about things, places and the island’s culture throughout the day. He was very friendly and a pleasure to have with us for the day.
The driver was amazing, the skill he displayed in traffic was exceptional, fitting the bus into spaces that us Australians would not even try with a motorbike.
The doorman always greeted us at the bus with a smile and a hello. He provided great assistance in negotiating the tight parking spaces and traffic, particuarly in Ubud.

Thankyou again for making our family outing so memorable.

Justin & Narelle Smith
Western Australia

Bali, November 19th – 23th 2011
Dear: Pak Ketut Maryana/ Wayan kabdi

Saya sekeluarga amat selesa dan pasti rekomen pada saudara dan teman yang melawat Bali, Budaya Bali kelainan tapi memahami adat, budaya dan pastinya menghormati Agamakami kerana di tunjukan tempat ibadat yang bagus, pokoknya BEST nih.

Our driver wayan Kabdi from www.driversbali.com whom accompanied us from 19 – 23 November 2011 has been a great driver/ Tourist guide/ assistant for us. If we need to rate him, we give *****(five) star. He is also on excellent driver !

Thank you Mr. Ketut Maryana for give me good Driver Wayan Kabdi as best friend and excellent driver.

Nik Ariff and Family
Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Hello there Ketut Maryana,

I’d just like to thank you for your good service and our lovely guide. He went above and beyond his duties and we all enjoyed his company and guidance whilst we were in Bali. We arrived home yesterday and even though we loved our trip it’s always nice to be home.

Best regards
Rhonda & David Tester

Bali, October 13th – 14th 2011
Dear: Ketut Maryana

Thanks mr Ketut Maryana,we are enjoy that 2 days in Bali, especially the Jimbaran sunset dinner ,the sunset is nice although we reach there is almost quiet late and volcano last is rafting is so fun, if next time we going again sure will look for u, and sure will recommend to my friend.

Ms. Celest Lim and Friends

Bali, August 6th – 8th 2011
Dear: Ketut Maryana

We thank Ketut Maryana for making our trip pleasant and comfortable. He is very friendly and simple. His car was very clean and comfortable too. definitely recommend you to my friend. And it I have a chance to come back here you will be the first person I call.

Thank you Mr. Ketut Maryana for good service as Driver and also a Tour guide

Miss. Tipwadee Poopirom
Bangkok, Thailand

Bali, June 16th – 18th 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

For the rest of us who have been to Bali before but who have never experienced the hot springs or dolphin tour or the rest of North Bali sights, this was an eye-opening and impressionable experience. Our family was particularly impressed with how committed and professional your colleague and you were in helping us organise the dolphin tour at Lovina and in making a success. Our kids and even the adults and older folks were really excited about the dolphin sightings. We were impressed with the boatmen who seemed to have a way with spotting the dolphins ahead of the rest and steering us to a good vantage point. Not to mentioned that breakfast was also delicious too. 

Thank you so very much for helping us fulfill the itinerary that we’ve requested. Your colleague and you really help make this customised Family Bali Vacation special. We’ll definitely recommend you to others and hope to have the opportunity to use your services again. 

Big Thank You! 

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Michelle Ong

Bali, June 12th – 15th 2011
Dear: Ketut Maryana

He brought us to places like the Volcano hill-top area, organic coffee farm, silver making shop and the list goes on. My family and I really enjoyed the trip very much; Ketut is also very friendly and interactive. He gives suggestions about the places we go and explains to us some of safety precautions. Such as, we went to a temple area full of monkey he told us not to wear sunglasses to prevent the monkeys from taking it. It was very thoughtful of him.

Ketut’s driving is also very safe. We can sleep peacefully in the car before reaching our destinations. We need not worry about anything but just to have fun overall, our family rate him 5 out of 5 for his service.

Cheang Kok Sim and Family

Bali, May 26th 2011
Dear: Ketut Maryana

Ketut Maryana pick up in the morning to watch Barong dance which describe en eternal flight good and evil spirit. We went to Goa gajah temple and we have an eye opened on the Hindu culture, before we departure to the next destination we saw there are a lot of parents bringing their kids to pray to the God of education.
During our journey to Kintamani, we stop at coffee farm and tasted the best coffee in the world – Luwak coffee and few types of coffee and tea.
Next we had a very nice buffet Lunch at Kintamani restaurant and view on the Batur Volcano at Kintamani.
Before the journey ends, we requested Mr. Ketut to bring us to Tanah Lot temple it is took about 2 hours drive to reach the destination but is worth seeing location so the temple is very great and wonderful for see the sunset.

Nick & Sandra
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bali, February 23th – 26th 2011
Dear: Ketut Maryana

Thank you so much for you excellent service, me and my family enjoyed a lot during our vacation have in your home tour in Bali. Thank you so much for giving us good services, great Car and always clean and also special tour. Personally great 5 stars are given to you.

Terima Kasih and always success !!!!!!!!!

Muhamad Faiz Shah and Family
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bali, February 6th 2011
Dear: Ketut Maryana

Thank You Ketut Maryana for good day for one day charter your Minivan go to four season and go to Ubud village,  We loved Ketut Maryana car, safe driving and on the way home to Bali Niksoma resort.

We wish him good luck!

Natalie, Lisa, Annetle, Chrissy.
SYDNEY – Australia

Bali, February 2nd 2011
Dear: Ketut Maryana

So a wonderful day touring to Kintamani and Uluwatu temple. Ketut Maryana was very informative and helpful in every way. His Tour is highly recommended by us.

We will recommend about Ketut maryana as a good Driver in Bali.

Good bless you!

John and Julie
Brisbane Australia

Bali, January 12th 2011
Dear: Ketut Maryana

My sister and Me Really enjoyed with your company. You’re a really good and careful driver very patient, we would recommend you to our friends in Singapore and Malaysia. If ever we’re coming it’s going to be a big group.

Well done Ketut Maryana  ^-^

All the best to you and best of luck.
Shirley Wee and Janet Wee

Bali, December 27th – 31th 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

We thoroughly enjoyed Maryana’s Guide during our stay in Bali. He is Give me new and clean Bus for our Group the safest driver I have seen and throughout the journey our ride has always been pleasant and comfortable,

First time to Bali, we book transport through online with group of 21 persons. We mere received by Maryana, we were arranged to visit Varian of temple, beach and sunset view by the view an last day of trip.

Overall, the trip are well organized, Hope to visit Bali again return again   

Group Ng Chin Koon

Bali, tgl 25 – 26 Desember 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

Kami dari keluarga Naomi Simanjuntak 6 orang dan satu anak kecil umur 1 tahun dari Rumbai Pekanbaru, berlibur ke Bali mengambil paket 2 hari tour via internet, di mana paket ini sangat bagus dan mengesankan yaitu paket tour Bedugul – tanah Lot dan Uluwatu – GWK Tour.
Dua hari Kami melaksanakan Tour di Bali, dengan berbagai macam keindahan tempat Wisata kami dapatkan. Kami datang sekeluarga merasa puas akan pelayanan yang diberikan pak Ketut Maryana kepada kami, Begitu juga dengan makan siang dan malam yang di suguhkan sangat mengesankan seperti makan Malam di Melasti Restaurant Tanah Lot, Jali-jali restaurant dan makan siang di Grand Puncak restaurant Kintamani di mana restaurant sesuai dengan selera kami. Transport yang di gunakan pak Ketut Maryana sangat nyaman yaitu Suzuki APV arena baru tahun 2009, yang dibawa ke tempat Wisata. Sekali kami sekeluarga merasa puas sekali akan pelayanan pak Ketut Maryana.

Sekali lagi terima kasih banyak atas pelayananya dan kita akan hubungi pak ketut Maryana lagi bila kita berlibur lagi ke bali dan kita akan kasitahu temen-temen kita di pekenbaru menghubungi pak Ketut Maryana bila berlibur ke Bali.

Keluarga Naomi Simanjuntak
Rumbai – Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Bali, December 21th 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

I made all the necessary arrangements with Mr. Ketut Maryana via Commend with my friend at Singapore Ms. Ruci Gulati. All my queries were answered promptly.
You have been amazing Guide and Driver, my Kids really adore you!
Thanks for making our trip to Bali so comfortable, enjoyable and with such diverse experiences.

We will tell all our friends about Ketut maryana as a good Driver in Bali.

Good bless you!

Ratika and family
Leonie Hill, Singapore

Bali, December 12th 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

Well, it has been almost a week since our family’s return from Bali. The overall tour was excellent. Thanks for bringing us to the most wonderful places in Bali, like the Turtle Island, Bedugul, Tanah Lot temple, Kintamani & Ubud village. Having lunch overlooking the paddy fields and dinner at Jimbaran beach was a truly enchanting Bali experience! Our family had one of the best holidays so far. We brought home such fond memories of the trip and the good company we had… We appreciate it very much that you assisted us in many ways throughout our trip. Personalised tour services. For the beautiful and unforgetable experience, thank you very much. You are a very knowledgeable tour-guide-cum-driver. Good luck and wishing you all the best. Take care always.

Sekar & Kannagi,

Bali, December 10th 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

We thoroughly enjoyed Maryana’s service during our stay in Bali. He is the safest driver I have seen and throughout the journey our ride has always been pleasant and comfortable, not only that, He has been very helpful and you can always depend on him to give you some friendly tip. Talking to him is always easy for he speaks fluent English and has a friendly personality.  The car is maintained by him every day and is spacious and clean, Maryana really provided the best service possible and always looking out for us. It is such a pleasure having him with us during our 4 days stay in Bali which makes it much easier and enjoyable.

Andrew yek’s Family
Perth – Australia

Bali, December 4-7th 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

This is our first trip to Bali, we love the Balinese culture, food and people. We thoroughly enjoyed Maryana’s service during our stay in Bali
We like the service provided by driversbali.com He is very punctual and polite. Maryana driver his service excellent and very good driver. He is a very safe driver. The car is very clean and comfortable; we have a great time in Bali. It is a free and easy trip.

Joseph Neo’s Family

Bali: 1st dec to 4th Dec’10
Dear Ketut Maryana,

We thank Ketut Maryana for making our trip pleasant and comfortable. He is very friendly and simple. His car was very clean and comfortable too. He was very accomodating and took us around the town without any hassles. He was quiet punctual and responsive.

We wish him good luck!


Sushma Agarwal

Bali, Nov’ 4 -7th 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

We find that Ketut Maryana service is very professional His car is very clean and comfortable, He is a very safe driver and conscientious at work (example, He will check the car to ensure our belongings are not left behind). Most important us He is not pushy kind that keep asking you to go to certain places to buy things. He is quiet and does not keep talking in the car.

PS; We highly recommend him and would consider engaging his service again,

Thanks to him for this pleasant Trip.

Agnes Tong, Serene Choo and Jass Low

Bali, 16 September 2010
Untuk Pak Ketut Maryana.

Penjemputan di mulai dari daerah Kerobokan tempat kami menginap langsung menuju hotel Aditya (Lovina) perjalanan kurang lebih 2 jam dari daerah Kerobokan ke Lovina. Saat sampai di hotel kami menikmati suasana di sana. Hotelnya cukup baik dan suasananya menyenangkan makanan juga cukup enak. Besok paginya jam 6 pagi kami naik perahu untuk melihat Lumba – lumba pagi hari cerah dan laut cukup tenang, Kami melihat cukup banyak Lumba – lumba tapi di sayangkan tidak ada Lumba –lumba yang melompat tinggi. Kurang lebih kami 1 jam berburu Lumba – lumba kami balik ke hotel untuk sarapan pagi (Breakfast). Setelah sarapan pagi kami kembali ke laut untuk Snorkeling. Snorkeling di sini sangat menyenagkan tempatnya bagus dan kami melihat ikan yang banyak berwarna – warni. Setelah snorkeling kami beres –beres dan cek out dari hotel dan melanjutkan perjalanan. Pertama rencananya akan ke Air Terjun Gitgit yang pertama karena hujan lebat akhirya kita mengunjungi air terjun Twin di gitgit di sebelahnya, alamnya bagus air terjunnya bagus udaranya juga segar. Setelah itu kami makan siang Labhada Restaurant di Pacung viewnya bagus sekali ada Sawah dan Gunungnya.

Michael, Anggraini, Hanyati, Maria en Beti
Jakarta Utara – Indonesia

Bali, Sept’ 13th 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

Maryana has been a wonderful guide and driver. He is extremely friendly and knows Bali very well being with him helped us go to the most wonderful places in Bali the Turtle island, Tanah Lot temple, Ubud village and Dinner at Jimbaran beach and finally lunch at a restaurant in the Paddy fields made this trip a memorable one. We will definitely come back soon.
Thanks for this lovely time Maryana.

Sangeeta Deslpande

Bali, Sept’ 6th 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

Having Ketut Maryana as our driver during our time in Bali made our trip perfect, He was great guide as well. We did our own surfing odyssey. We visited the basic Kuta beach to start but soon we found ourselves in some of the most amazing sports such as Dreamland, Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, Balangan and Canggu. We will be doing this again for surf and I would not do it any other way.

Mr. Brandon Bachner
Chicago IL USA

Bali, August 30th 2010
Dear: Made Murya and Ketut Maryana

This is our first trip to Bali, we love the Balinese culture, food (especially the sambal) and people. Prior to coming here, I made all the necessary arrangements with Mr. Ketut Maryana via Email. All my queries were answered promptly.  Beside Mr. Ketut Maryana knew exactly the kind of adventure and thrill that we are looking for His tour guide Made Murya and driver Wayan had been helpful reliable, coniferous and they always came up with brilliant suggestions to suit our personal needs. Thumb up to Mr. Ketut Maryana and Staff for making our holiday an educational, interesting and memorable one.

Mr and Mrs. Michelle Chiew.
Johor Malaysia

Bali, 6 Agustus 2010
Untuk Pak Ketut Maryana.

Kami sekeluarga mengucapkan terima kasih kepada pak Ketut Maryana atas service yang di berikan selama kami berlibur 6hari – 5malam di Bali. Meskipun liburan kami singkat Pak Ketut bisa memberikan pelayanan yang baik buat kami. Kami sekeluarga yang berasal dari Pontianak ( Kalimantan Barat ) tetapi berdomisili di Jogyakarta merasakan perjalanan yang seru dan menyenagkan selama di Bali. Ternyata Paket Wisata 6hari – 5malam sangat komplit semua tempat Wisata yang ada di Bali bisa kami Kunjungi  seperti: Pura Uluwatu, Pura Tanah Lot, Bedugul, Pura Besakih, GWK dan masih banyak lagi.  
Thank a lot for Mr. Ketut Maryana.
Kami sekeluarga minta maaf apabila selama kami di Bali ada perkataan dan perbuatan kami yang kurang berkenan. Kami akan merekomend kepada temen2 saya atau keluarga yang mau berlibur ke Bali ke perusahan pak ketut dan Kami akan mengubungi Pak Ketut apabila kami ke Bali lagi.

Leona Misieh (Ibu), Vilofa dan Robertur Apri
Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Bali, July 16th 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

We were 3 families visiting Bali for the first time. It was one of our best holidays, mainly thanks to your company and your excellent service. You were on time everyday, knew everything about Bali, professional and very hospitable. You took us to many places including the volcano, Ubud, and Kuta just to name a few.
We highly recommend using Ketut Maryana
if you are ever visiting Bali and we thank you for making our holiday such a good one.

Sethis, Oberois and Tahs
Singapore, India, Dubai

Bali, 5 July 2010
Untuk Pak Ketut Maryana.

Peruhidratan terbaik yang telah di berikan oleh pak Ketut Maryana telah menjadikan pengalaman pertama di Bali sukar untuk di lupakan, bermula dari hari pertama tiba di Bali, pak Ketut  telah memberikan service yang baik dengan menyediakan Kereta yang baru dan bersih, keretanya yang luas, sangat sebesa untuk keluarga kami.
Waktu yang di berikan kepada kami untuk bersiar-siar dan membeli belah di setiap tempat pelancongan sangat fleksible, membolehkan kami  menikimati  pemandangan dengan sepuasnya.
Dalam pengalaman, pak Ketut tidak putus memberikan informasi dan sangat memuaskan.
Kunjungan kami pasti tidak akan putus sampai di sini, sekiranya kami akan ke sini lagi, kami pasti mendapatkan khidmat pak Ketut, kami juga sangat mencendangkan kepada setiap rekan – rekan dan keluarga untuk ke sini menggunakan service pak Ketut.

Arshad mohd and Family

Bali, 25 June 2010
Untuk Bli Ketut Maryana.

Terima kasih untuk Bli Ketut yang sudah menjemput dan mengantar kami keliling Bali, Awalnya saya khawair tidak ada yang menjemput di Bendara, tapi setelah beberapa menit saya sudah di sambut dengan senyum ramah Bli Ketut.
Saya ambil paket Honeymoon 5 Hari 4 Malam sangat singkat berada di Bali, dengan menggunakan Tour paketwisatakebali.com hari-hari kami (saya dan suami) di Bali tidak terbuang Cuma-Cuma. Paket Honeymoon yang kami ambil sangat memuaskan sekali, karena kami dapat menikmati bulan madu di pulau Lembongan satu malam. Sekali lagi kami berdua mengucapkan terimakasih untuk driversbali.com terutama Bli Ketut Maryana yang telah mengandle kami berdua. Sukses selalu…

Tita en Decken
Bekasi Selatan – Indonesia

Bali, June 8th 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

It was my first time in Bali and was travelling alone and it was important to ensure I got the right travel agent from internet and he was Pak Ketut Maryana from right from the first day, he was punctual and  his car spick and span. It was a memorable two days and an unforgettable experience in Uluwatu temple when monkey snatched away my specs having me stunned but alas there was good Balinese Pak Ketut who comes to my rescue. Pak Ketut Maryana had already advised me about the monkeys but I did not take heed. Always listen to good advice from pak Ketut Maryana.
I will travel again with my families contact Pak Ketut Maryana again for my next trip to Bali.

Liz Yee
KualaLumpur  Malaysia

Bali, May 10th 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

We started our day tour from Sanur going to Uluwatu temple, Taman Ayun temple, Alas kedaton with a lot of monkeys not aggressive monkeys, different with the monkeys at Uluwatu temple the monkeys very aggressive, Taman kupu–kupu or Butterfly park and ended with Tanah Lot temple. We have a great day here in Bali, saw a lot of beautiful places and our driver Ketut Maryana drove us safely to every place. We are really enjoy every time!

Unser fahrer Ketut Maryana hat uns sicher uberall hingefahren. Wir haben dank ihm einen wunderschonen tag verbracht wenn wir wieder einmal nach Bali kommen warden wir bestimmt wieder mit ihm fahen!

Sonje Diestelberger + Peter

Bali, May 6th 2010
Dear: Ketut Maryana

We come to Bali with three families and all our families never visit Bali before but we been to Bali before and we booked the Airport transfer via email by balitransports.com and it’s the new thing that we did in this travel. The Airport of Bali is chaotic and the road going to hotel Laguna resort & spa is dark and very busy too many cars but my kinds taking a separate transfer in our group.
When use the charter mini bus with 14 seats we been to visit Bulgary hotel so the price for the resort, food and drink very expensive and also we visit four seasons resort for take kopi and tea with our groups also the room and food very expensive when we take this trip the driver very friendly. So our 4 days stay in Bali was excellent the service is always on time and very smart. We will recommend your company at Philippines.

Mr. Antonio Robles

Bali, April 30th 2010
Dear Ketut Maryana San

Many thank for Ketut Maryana San for making our holiday on Friday 30th April 2010 so beautiful because we see good restaurant at tegallalang the food very delicious and than we go to ubud market for big shopping so the price very good and bought many thing, after shopping we go to Tanah Lot temple in Tanah lot temple we see good temple and beautiful sunset and then we go back to Mercure hotel at Sanur around 21.15 pm.

Thank again for you service, we will recommend to our friend in Japan if they visit bali to your company, but your website www.balitransports.com we can’t find at Google in Japan searching only at Google in english but we still keep your mobile phone.

Minako Takeshima
Tokyo – Japan

Bali, April 27th 2010
Dear Pak Ketut Maryana

Driving in Bali is not an easy task. The roads are not clearly marked and they are mostly narrow and congested with all types of vehicles most of which are of the 2 wheel variety. The Bali drivers are however extremely skilled, well mannered and make up for these deficiencies (never any road rage).
I must say that without the services of driver Pak Ketut Maryana, our one-week holiday would not have been as pleasant. He is a most courteous, kind and very experienced driver and we felt extremely safe when he was at the wheel. He anticipated our needs and his vehicle was always clean and tidy. Additionally, he never arrived late for any of our pick up schedules.
Pak Ketut Maryana is also very knowledgeable about the best tourist locations and activities. We have no reservation in recommending his services to any family or person visiting Bali.

Russo and Family
SYDNEY – Australia

Bali, 20 April 2010
Untuk: Bapak ketut Maryana

Terima kasih banyak atas service yang bapak berikan kepada keluarga kami selama kami mengambil paket 2 hari tour ke lovina beach melihat dolphin, di mana service yang bapak berikan sangat memuaskan karena pelayanan bapak ketut sangat ramah dan waktu yang di berikan sangat fleksible dan harganya cukup murah dan di samping itu waktu kita melihat dolphin di pagi hari kita banyak sekali melihat dolphinnya karena kemarinnya kata sopir boatnya ngak ada dolphin mungkin katanya karena hujan ngak ada yang muncul, dan baliknya ke hotel kuta kita dapat lihat airterjun di gitgit walaupun jalanya jauh tapi sangat memuaskan karena anak saya yang kecil sangat suka dan bisa jalan kuat sampai di tujuan dan juga bisa lihat Bedugul dan pura Ulun Danu dan juga di atar pak ketut ke pasar Sukawati untuk beri oleh- oleh untuk keluarga di Jakarta dan Bandung.
Akan saya promosikan kepada teman-teman saya di Jakarta dan Bandung yang akan berlibur ke Bali ke pak ketut.

Bu. Laurence dan keluarga
Bandung – Indonesia

Bali, April 2nd 2010
Dear Ketut Maryana

Thank you for making our stay in Bali so much more comfortable, convenient and a lot of fun.
We really appreciate all your efforts and guidance around Bali We shall definitely refer you to all our friends who plan a trip to Bali. And look forward to seeing you on our next trip here.
Lots of thanks and best wishes

Siddharth, Eika, Oishee and Tanishee Banersee
Leonie Hill, Singapore

We are very happy to be lead and show the attractions you visit so that will also show places that are still unique attractions such as Balinese dance, Balinese customs, panorama Bali and deliver the Bali’s price is very cheap. And you can design a tour or a tour that will visit.

Don’t waste your time…

Call our 24hours hot line at: +62 81 2397 7705, E-mail: info@driversbali.com For further information. You can also reach us via WhatsApp or Messenger to discuss your travel needs and plans.

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