I am Mr Ketut Maryana and our team, As English speaking driverΒ experienced and professional drivers, we are offering you a personal, complete service for all Your Bali travel needs.

Mr. Maryana

Mr. Decong

Mr. Kabdi

Mr. Calvin

Mr. Subagia

About Us

Our website is designed to get in touch with travelers visiting Bali, looking for a different way of traveling – away from the hustle and bustle of commercialized tourism, bringing YOU directly to the roots of Bali Hindu culture, showing you the secrets and beauty of this island.

I am a proud resident of Bali and as your driver in Bali and your guide in Bali I would like to share with you the experience of the best places on the island of Bali. I have been driving guests around Bali for 17 years so that you will have an experienced driver who has been around everywhere and can show you the most remote and hidden places.

Enjoy the Moment in Bali Island

I am also a very experienced tour guide. I will explain everything you need to know and everything you want to know about my Island of Paradise. Your personal safety is my primary concern. You can safely relax in my car while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

As a friendly and outgoing person many of my former customers are now my personal friends. We exchange e-mail and quite often; they recommend my service to their friends.

When they return to Bali we spend time together driving around and exploring new areas of Bali.

If you consider hiring me as your driver in Bali and your tour guide in Bali, I will make your Bali tour most enjoyable moment.

You will experience a Bali journey you will never forget

Bali, Nov 7th- 10th 2013
Dear: Ketut Maryana

Ketut, Selamat tinggal Bali, First & foremost we the three of us wish to thank you Ketut for the knelled hospitality and the kind service that you have severed upon us.

We certainly hope what we can see more places, but due to time, we have to stay within the period as stated by Lala agent in Malaysia. Thank you ketut, we will come back “insyallah” when right time comes with all my family.

Thank you once again and may God bless all of us here and hereafter.

dr.Faizah abd Rahim

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Bali Wonderful

Paradise Island on Earth

Bali is Small Island only at 95 km from north to the south and 145 km from west to the east this is a tiny island by picturesque landscape is truly something to behold – magnificent rice terraces amid a sweeping range of volcanic mountains, Balinese Dance, Temple and Culture of Bali.

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