Dreamland Beach Pecatu Bali

Dreamland Beach is located in the area named Pecatu. Still in the southern island of Bali. Precisely, a few kilometers before Pura Uluwatu from the direction of Denpasar. Dreamland beach surrounded by cliffs that rise high, and surrounded by a fairly large rock around the coast or better known as Dreamland, Dreamland Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali than Kuta beach.

Turns out its origins. Perhaps, this beach called Dreamland because the region had to be built Pecatu one of the region’s largest and most unique tourist centers in Southeast Asia. In addition, there also will be built super luxs resort combined with a tourist area that highlights the beauty and authenticity of nature and environmental conservation. Previously this area was barren and arid regions.

At the time of monetary crisis in 1998, the mega project was abandoned. However, because the locals really hope that this project is completed, with the hope that they can switch from agriculture to tourism businesses, so they named this place as a land of dreams is in English called Dreamland. Since then, this area called Dreamland.

Dreamland beach is similar in nature to the other beaches in Bukit Peninsula, but it is popular not only with the surfers, also with the beach lovers. It easy access combined with the presence of warungs serving BBQ seasfood and cold cold beer make it attractive to anyone who just wants to get away from the hustle of Kuta life.
The area has a beautiful beach and panorama, with the high wave reaching 4 meters makes this place become a favorite place for surfers and boogie boards. The wave is hollow, fasts, and powerful and the quality is standard with reef’s (coral, sharp rocks with sand) bottom, can only be safely explore by the experienced surfer. During the normal day, it will be few people do the surf, but at the weekend this place is crowded.

And now, the new investor has ‘darely’ changed Dreamland into NEW KUTA BEACH with a golf course, a condotel operated by Best Western, and this what made me upset the most! To get to the beach you have to access it through KLAPA, an event venue.

If you want to stay, at the Dreamland area there are dozens of resorts and villas that stand as a supporter of tourism that continues to advance at Dreamland Beach. Some resorts and villas standing on the cliff so you can enjoy beautiful coastal scenery from the top of the cliff.

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